Europe  Belarus
1. Academy of Business Administration of the Republic of Belarus
2. Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus
3. Baranovici State University
4. Brest 'A.S. Puskin' State University
5. Brest State Technical University
6. Byelorussian Institute of Law
7. Byelorussian National Technical University
8. Byelorussian State Academy of Arts
9. Byelorussian State Academy of Music
10. Byelorussian State Agrarian Technical University
11. Byelorussian State Agricultural Academy
12. Byelorussian State Economics University
13. Byelorussian State Medical University
14. Byelorussian State Pedagogical University 'M. Tank'
15. Byelorussian State Technological University
16. Byelorussian State University
17. Byelorussian State University of Culture
18. Byelorussian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics
19. Byelorussian State University of Physical Education
20. Byelorussian State University of Transport
21. Byelorussian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives
22. Byelorussian-Russian State University
23. Command-Engineering Institute of the Ministry of Emergency Situations
24. Gomel Engineering Institute of the Ministry of Emergency Situations
25. Gomel State Medical Institute
26. Gomel State Technical University 'P.O.Suhoga'
27. Gomel State University 'Francisk Skorina'
28. Grodno State Agrarian University
29. Grodno State Medical University
30. Grodno State University 'Janki Kupaly'
31. Higher State College of Communications
32. Institute of Business Enterprise
33. Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship
34. Institute of Modern Knowledge
35. Institute of Parliamentarism and Entrepreneurship
36. International Environmental University 'A.D.Saharov'
37. International Humanitarian and Economics Institute
38. International Institute of Labour and Social Relations
39. Minsk Institute of Management
40. Minsk State Higher Aviation College
41. Minsk State Higher Radio-Engineering College
42. Minsk State Linguistics University
43. Mogilev State Food Technology University
44. Mogilev State University 'A.A.Kuljasova'
45. Mozyr State Pedagogical University
46. Pinsk Higher Banking College
47. Polotsk State University
48. Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine
49. Vitebsk State Medical University
50. Vitebsk State Technological University
51. Vitebsk State University ' P.M. Maserov'
52. Women's Institute 'Envila'
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