Asia  Uzbekistan
1. Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan
2. Academy of State and Social Construction
3. Andijan Cotton Institute
4. Andijan Engineering-Economic Institute
5. Andijan State Languages and Pedagogics Institute 'Abdulhamid Sulaymon Chulpon'
6. Andijan State Medical Institute
7. Andijan State University
8. Buhara State University
9. Buhara Technological Institute of Food and Light Industry
10. Fergana Polytechnic Institute
11. Fergana State University
12. Gulistan State University
13. Institute of Cybernetics
14. Jizzak Polytechnic Institute
15. Karakalpak State University
16. Karsi Engineering-Economic Institute
17. Karsi State University
18. Namangan Engineering-Economic Institute
19. Namangan Engineering-Pedagogical Institute
20. Namangan State University
21. National University of Uzbekistan 'Mirzo Ulugbek'
22. Navoi State Mining Institute
23. Samarkand Agricultural Institute
24. Samarkand Co-operative Institute
25. Samarkand State Architecture-Construction Institute 'Mirzo Ulugbek'
26. Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages
27. Samarkand State Medical Institute
28. Samarkand State University 'Aliser Navoi'
29. Tashkent State Technical University 'Abu Raikhan Beruni'
30. Taskent 'Guljamov' Institute of Archaeology
31. Taskent 'Ulugh Beg' Astronomical Institute
32. Taskent Automobile and Road Construction Institute
33. Taskent Electronical University of Communications
34. Taskent Institute of Agriculture
35. Taskent Institute of Architecture and Construction
36. Taskent Institute of Chemical Technology
37. Taskent Institute of Finance
38. Taskent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization
39. Taskent Institute of Mathematics 'V.I. Romanovsky'
40. Taskent Institute of Nuclear Physics
41. Taskent Institute of Railway Engineering
42. Taskent Institute of Textile and Light Industry
43. Taskent Islamic University
44. Taskent Paediatric Medical Institute
45. Taskent Pharmaceutical Institute
46. Taskent Physical Technical Institute
47. Taskent State Conservatoire
48. Taskent State Economic University
49. Taskent State Institute of Aviation
50. Taskent State Institute of Oriental Studies
51. Taskent State Institute of Theatre and Fine Arts
52. Taskent State Medical Institute
53. Taskent State Pedagogical University named after 'Nizami'
54. Termiz State University
55. University of World Economy and Diplomacy
56. Urganc State University 'Al-Kharazmiy'
57. Uzbek State World Languages University
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