America  Nicaragua
1. Adventist University of Nicaragua
2. American University
3. Autonomous University of Chinandega
4. Bluefields Indian and Caribbean University
5. Catholic University 'Redemptoris Mater'
6. Catholic University of Stockbreeding of the Dry Tropics
7. Central American University
8. Central American University of Business Studies
9. Central University of Nicaragua
10. Christian Autonomous University of Nicaragua
11. Escuela de Enfermería
12. Escuela de Enfermería
13. Escuela de Enfermería de la Trinidad
14. Hispanic-American University
15. Ibero-American University of Science and Technology
16. Instituto Nacional Politécnico 'Ernest Thalmann'
17. Instituto Nacional Técnico 'Heroes y Mártires'
18. Instituto Nacional Técnico Energético 'Simón Bolívar'
19. Instituto Nacional Técnico Vocacional
20. Instituto Politécnico 'La Salle'
21. Instituto Técnico Aeronáutico
22. Instituto Tecnológico Nacional
23. Instituto Tecnológico Nacional 'Cristóbal Colón'
24. International School of Agriculture and Stockbreeding
25. International University of Integration of Latin America
26. Jean-Jacques Rousseau University
27. John Paul II University of Applied Social Sciences
28. La Anunciata University
29. Martin Luther King Nicaraguan Protestant University
30. Martin Luther University `A Ministry of the Assemblies of God`
31. Metropolitan University
32. National Autonomous University of Nicaragua-Managua
33. National Autonomous University of Nicaragua-Managua: León Branch
34. National University of Agriculture
35. National University of Engineering
36. Nicaraguan Technological University
37. Nicaraguan University of Science and Technology
38. Paulo Freire University
39. People's University of Nicaragua
40. Polytechnic School of Commerce
41. Polytechnic University of Nicaragua
42. Santo Tomás University of Oriente y Medio Día
43. Thomas More University
44. University of Commercial Science
45. University of Managua
46. University of the Americas
47. University of the Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua
48. University of the North of Nicaragua
49. University of the Valley of Nicaragua
50. University of the West-León
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