Africa  Cameroon
1. BTS United Professors
2. Catholic University of Central Africa
3. Cosendai Adventist University
4. Faculty of Protestant Theology
5. FONAB Polytechnic
6. Higher Institute of Public Management
7. Higher Institute of Technology and Industrial Design
8. Higher Management Institute
9. Higher Samba Institute
10. Higher School of Management
11. Higher School of Science and Techniques
12. Higher Siantou Institute
13. Institute of Administration and Finance
14. Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics
15. Institute of Training and Research in Demography
16. International Institute of Insurance
17. National Centre for Administration and Magistracy
18. National Higher School of Civil Engineering
19. National Higher School of Police Studies
20. National Higher School of Post and Telecommunications
21. National Institute of Youth and Sport
22. National Polytechnic Bambui
23. National School for Administration and Magistracy
24. National School of Social Workers
25. Panafrican Institute for Development in Central Africa
26. Tankou Group of Higher Education
27. University of Buea
28. University of Douala
29. University of Douala: Higher School of Economics and Commerce
30. University of Douala: Higher School of Technical Teacher Training
31. University of Dschang
32. University of Ngaoundéré
33. University of Ngaoundéré: National School of Agro-Industry Sciences
34. University of Yaoundé I
35. University of Yaoundé II
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