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Most of the time the decision to do an online degree instead of a conventional campus degree is governed by three main factors – time, distance and money. The time factor and the distance from the university campus are debatable points but when it comes to the cost of the degree it is a simple matter of looking at the numbers. This list doesn't just show the cheapest online programs as that might mean compromising on quality education. Instead it is a list of the cheapest of the best online universities for 2015.

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Brigham Young University - Annual tuition: $3,750
This university based in Idaho is affiliated with the Church of the Latter Day Saints. The tuition fees for members of the LDS are almost half of those for non-LDS members and the figure quoted here is the church member's rate. Their online programs include associate and bachelor business degrees as well as certificates in Entrepreneurship, Professional Sales and Business Fundamentals. 
Northern Arizona University – Annual tuition: $5,000
There are four undergraduate degrees offered online by this university, all of which are focused on business. There is a Bachelor of Applied Science program in administration, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts. They offer a master's program for professionals who already have at least five years work experience. The graduate program allows you to tailor the degree to your professional needs or study Small Business Management, Project Management or Leadership. 
Columbia Southern University – Annual tuition: $5,040
This university's Turner College of Business offers BA and MBA programs online through the Georgia WebMBA program. The MBA program lasts five semesters with two classes each semester. Fees vary greatly depending on the program you choose and can reach as much as $8,444 as a full-time undergraduate.
Western Governors University – Annual tuition: $5,780
WGU was founded in 1997 and today has thousands of online students from across the US. The teaching method is through assessments, demonstrations and papers which test the student's knowledge rather than conventional classes. With the guidance of a personal mentor the student creates a degree program and is pointed in the right direction to gather the necessary research for his chosen projects. 
Fort Hays State University Online – Annual tuition: $5,782
This university has a lot of experience in distance learning even pre-dating the Internet. There are over 6,000 online students at FHSU many of which are enjoying the low tuition fees of the undergraduate program. The undergraduate programs include Business Management and Organizational Leadership. There are also master's degrees available. 
If you don't see a university you like in this list then there are other reasonable priced online programs offered by Northwestern State University of Louisiana ($6,508); Chadron State College ($6,750); American Public University System ($7,500) and the American Military University ($7,625).
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