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An Online World - Why not an Online Degree?

We shop, we work, we’re socializing online - we can study as such as well-the role of an online degree in today's society.

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It’s happening every day, every hour, every minute. It seems as if with each click the world is changing. The world as we knew it yesterday, is not as it is today nor it will be tomorrow. The digital revolution had redefined our everyday life- from the way we communicate, purchase, conduct and organize our lives. Today, we find our life partners online; we pay our bills online, handle our savings and manage our business online. Yes, we live in an online world. 
The last few years have brought a new aspect to this era- Online Degrees. 
School, which was always and still is a big part of our biography, is now held in a different frame. Most academic institutions offer their students an online program, knowing that in the world we live in today, it is an easier and perhaps better solution for many.  These programs have created a new academic system, a new phenomenon, and new way of thinking. Their role in today’s society is significant and is continuously evolving. 
With out a doubt, since the dawn of humanity, knowledge was always equal to power. While knowledge was offered to only a small part of human society along the years, today it is open to all. Since, students who, as a result of geography or time constraints, can’t attend a certain institution, with these new programs- they now can. The digital revolution has made our personal lives faster, and school has followed. Now, you don’t have to put your life on hold for 2-4 years, you don’t need to dedicate your life to school alone, you can work and pursue your career while studying. Therefore, like other aspects of the web revolution, this can cause a massive change when it comes to job opportunities, social and economical mobility. 
Although online degrees are something we hear more about these days, “distance learning” isn’t something new. Penn State University is proud to proclaim itself as the pioneer of such idea. The university started a program over 100 years ago (1892), when it founded the “Nation’s First Correspondence Courses”, It’s likely they’d realized back then that distance will not be an obstacle in the 20th and the 21st centuries, but the change to come was not something any one could have predicted. 
The US workforce and economy, for example, is in need of millions of skilled workers. Online degrees can help fill the void in the workforce faster and its help does not stop there. For several studies has shown that computer use is connected to academic achievements. Although this is only preliminary findings, one can easily say that due to the web revolution, knowledge became much more accessible. Now that can be said with online degrees too.
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