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Top 5 Ivy League Schools offering Online Courses

As online education becomes more accepted you can now attend an Ivy League school online. Most of these schools only offer individual courses but some can lead to a degree achieved completely (or almost completely) online. Online Ivy League has become Cyber League!

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Harvard University
The best college in America offers 150 online courses, among them are a few interesting ones like Longwood Seminars: Mini-Med School and Science and Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to the Science of Soft Matter. The subjects range from anthropology to engineering. Online students have access to a vast amount of Harvard online resources. A degree through Harvard Extension School would best be achieved with a combination of online and on campus courses however whatever online courses you accumulate will give you credits. Harvard offers online associate, bachelor and master degrees. 
Columbia University
Columbia offers online courses, certification and degrees in four areas. In collaboration with the web-based school Cardean University they offer an online MBA. There are non-credit eSeminares, professional certificates for teachers and you can achieve a teacher's license online. Doctors can stay up-to-date with the latest advances in medicine through Columbia Medical School's continuing education programs. The Columbia Jewish Theological Seminary offers online master's degrees. By combining online and on campus study you can get a degree from Columbia in Quantitative Studies; Bioethics Certificates, Business Certificates, Graduate Engineering Programs and Graduate teaching Programs.
Yale University
Yale offers accredited summer programs for undergraduates, the rigorous academic courses are taught by Yale teachers. Yale has joined the Open Courseware movement making course material available online for free. Most of the Open Courseware courses are in liberal arts and technology. These free courses make up most of what Yale offers online and although they will no doubt be intellectually enriching they cannot be used for degree credits. There are also continuing education courses offered to professionals already working in their field.
Cornell University
eCornell offers 20 professional development certificate programs online which use the same material as the campus courses. Each course consists of about 5 classes. Some of the courses are accredited with the Human Resources Certification Institute or the Project Management Institute. You can get a master's degree in Systems Engineering from Cornell completely online.
Dartmouth University 
Dartmouth offers free online tutorials in technology subjects. For professional development classes in the health administration field you can study online at Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. The courses are designed for those working in health care. The Dartmouth Tuck School of Business offers online bridge programs. There are 25 business courses in finance, managerial economics, marketing and financial accounting. Dartmouth offers online MBAs in business and health care administration. Some of the programs can be completed completely online, others require a combination of online and on campus study. 
Even if you have only taken one course online at one of these Ivy League schools the name Harvard, Dartmouth or Yale on your CV will impress your potential employer.
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