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5 Ways To Find True Love At College

With fear of sounding like "The Love Doctor" or Will Smith on "Hitch", I have decided to give love advice. This isn't eHarmony and I'm not Dr. Phil, so if my advice doesn't work for you then I'm sorry.

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This list contains the most important things I hear people say when talking about "how and why" they met their true loves in college. Some girls even talked about how they are only going to college just to find their future husband.

Live On Campus

Living on campus your  Freshman year is a must; if at all possible. When your forced into living with and around other people that you would not normally be around, you meet people you would normally shy away from. This helps to broaden you not only as a student, but also as a human being.

Go To Social Events

Football games, parties, school club meetings or the field where everyone plays Ultimate Frisbee, it doesn't matter as long as you go.

Go To Class

Now this may come as a shock to some of you, but the point of going to college is to learn. Things like group projects are a great opportunity for you to interact with others and get to know other people outside the classroom as well.

Talk to Everyone You Meet

For some people this will be harder to do than others, but try your best! Be sociable and try to start conversations with people you're walking with or sitting next to on the bus.

Be Yourself

There is nothing worse than trying to keep up a persona that you've created for yourself, while knowing deep in your heart it's not you. Be you, and that's all you can be!

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