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Can you Save Money by Doing an Online Degree?

There are ways to save money and still get your degree. So long as the online college is accredited there is no reason why you shouldn't choose the cheapest option.

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How you Save Money by Studying Online Instead of on Campus
  • Very few or no textbooks.
  • No stationary supplies.
  • No printing costs as work is sent over the Internet.
  • No transport expenses, on-campus food expenses or on-campus accommodation expenses.
  • No lost wages for taking time off for class or exams, with online degrees you make your own study schedule.
  • Overall tuition fees are cheaper for online degrees than for traditional on-campus degrees.
  • No additional "Lab Fees", "TA Fees" or "Equipment Fees."
Ways to make your Online Degree Cost you even Less
The quicker you finish your degree and the fewer credits you have to get the cheaper your degree will be.
Earn college credits before enrolling to your online program and then transfer you credits. Several MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) online courses are offered by companies like Coursera. You to earn college credits by enrolling on their Signature Track ($49 for the first Signature Track course). This confirms your identity so that the credits can be accredited to your degree in the future.
You can take an exam through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) to prove that you've mastered material in a given course. If you pass you can get credited with that course.
Some colleges allow you to "test out" of select units in online courses. If you already know a section of the material you can skip studying it and instead be tested and gain course credits.
There are free online entry-level classes in college subjects. 
Some online programs will credit you for your "life experience."
If you take an Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate class in high school and get high marks you can get college credits accepted by most institutions.
You can get college credits for previously attending a Community College. Community Colleges also offer online courses but they are cheaper so doing several courses or even the first 2 years of your degrees with them will save you money. It is vital to check first with your chosen college if they accept Community College credits.
Some online degree programs allow you to skip minor subjects and focus on your majors, this will save on tuition.
Check if you are eligible for tax breaks as an online student. Specifically look into the Hope credit; lifetime learning credit and deductions for tuition and fees.
Making Money while you Study Online
Of course with an online degree program there is no reason to give up your day job. In addition to that you can make money in other ways: With your experience in online education you can work as an online tutor. With your Internet savvy you can sell items on EBay or Craigslist. In fact you could start your own online business.
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