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Most Popular Online Degree - Why You Should Study Online Too

One third of all collage students have studied online at some point. The overwhelming success of online study is most predominant in those seeking their BA in Business Administration, and there are some good reasons for their choice.

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The Most Popular Online Degrees
U.S. News published a list of the Best Online Programs for 2014. They 
examined the most popular Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Of the Bachelor's Degrees on offer most online students study business and specifically Business Administration and Management. Of the Master's programs business was also a winner. Other online research surveys have reached similar conclusions with online degree trends focused on Business, Healthcare, Education and Engineering. Accounting, Counseling, Psychology, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Human Services, Nursing and Religion are other popular online BA degrees.
Why Online B.A. Degrees are Popular 
The OnlineU website recently did a survey and found 141 online collages offering annual tuition at less than $10,000 and 7 at less than $5,000. This is drastically cheaper than the traditional campus tuition fees. From the same site's list of 528 accredited collages there are more than 17,855 online degrees available. This is a remarkable range, and more variety than you could possibly find at your local university. Bachelor's and Master's degrees are the most frequently offered programs. 
Why an Online B.A. Degree and not a Traditional B.A. Degree?
B.A. degrees are by far the most popular degrees to take online. The explanation for this is quite logical. Undergraduates seeking their first degree may choose a B.A. for the broad spectrum of careers it can lead to. It is also less of a financial risk to commit to an online degree than a brick-and-mortar college degree. First time university students may not want to dive right in to a full-time traditional campus degree. Today people are eager to start their lives and get on with their careers. With online degrees they can study and work at the same time. An online B.A. can be achieved in a shorter time than a traditional degree. 
Why you should study an Online B.A. Degree Too
  • As an undergraduate an online B.A. holds less financial risk than a traditional campus degree.
  • There is an expansive range of B.A. programs to choose from.
  • Online degrees offer flexibility and the chance to start your career while attaining your degree.
  • With online B.A. programs you will not be limited to the choices available at your local university.
  • Today an online education from an accredited establishment holds equal legal standing and social status as a traditional campus degree.
Why Business Administration?
  • Overall a Masters in Business Administration has become the standard for mid-level business managers.
  • An online Business Degree is a convenient way to obtain a professional qualification, which makes you eligible for a large number of career positions worldwide.
  • With an online Business Administration Bachelors Degree graduates can find entry-level positions before continuing with their education. 
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