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There are thousands of people who have success stories about their online studies and the positive influence it had on their lives. Most of their stories we will never hear but there are a few outstanding personalities who's success stories are truly inspiring.

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Steven Spielberg
This film producer, screenwriter and director is a household name yet he dropped out of collage in 1968 to devote himself to movies. It was only in 2002 that he completed his BA in Film Production and Electronic Arts at California State University's distance learning program. The university waivered the requirements that film majors submit a short film and instead they accepted “Schindler's List” as Spielberg's final project! Some people study to gain the credentials to further their careers, others set completes their education online as a matter of pride and to gain a sense of completion.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Hollywood star and former Governor of California, Schwarzenegger, studied through the University of Wisconsin's distance learning program before the advent of the Internet. He completed his B.A. in Business and International Economics degree in 1989. 
Shaquille O'Neal
O'Neal has played on four NBA teams and was named one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA history. Yet he is proudest of his academic achievement. In 2005 he earned his online MBA degree from the University of Phoenix. He continued his academics with a doctorate in education from Barry University's program of both online and campus studies. Thanks to the flexible nature of online studies O'Neal could combine his academic pursuits with his busy schedule. Shaquille had promised his mother that he would complete his studies when he left Louisiana State University to become a professional basketball player.
Sarah Chenowith
Chenowith earned her MS in forensic DNA and Serology through the University of Florida's distance learning program in 2005. In order for her to become a DNA technical leader in a DNA testing lab she needed a Master's degree and several graduate courses in this field. As there was no university in her area offering these courses she was unable to attend traditional campus classes and turned to distance learning. Thanks to her qualifications she attained the senior position in the Anne Arundel County, Maryland Police Department's Crime Lab.
The List Goes On…
Other well known online degree students include: Timothy Gates, member and fellow of The American Collage of Healthcare Executives who earned his degree at Strayer University; Sharon T. Freeman, author of Conversations With African Women earned her degree at Walden; Lisa Leslie, former WNBA player and Olympic gold medalist has an MBA from University of Phoenix's online program; Mary Peters, former Secretary of Transport earned her degree online from the University of Phoenix and actress Hillary Duff has taken online courses through Harvard University. And the list goes on with All Star First Baseman of the Arizona Diamondbacks Paul Goldschmidt; actress Hunter Tylo; NBA basketball star Jalen Rose; actress Marcia Cross and actor James Franco.
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