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How Getting Your Degree Online Can Make Your Life Less Chaotic
Imagine starting your day with a cup of tea and a deep stretch. Soon you’re absorbing the knowledge of instructors, pondering new concepts and working out intellectual challenges. As the day progresses, an inner calm that comes from simple living settles in. No, you’re not at a spiritual retreat – you’re an online college student, and you discovered the Zen of an online education.
Finding the Best Online College
Online universities and colleges are an important and growing part of the educational landscape. Recent studies by organizations such as the North American Council for Online Learning (NACOL) show that almost half of all secondary school students would like to complete their higher education through online degree programs or distance learning courses. Similar studies show that parents, advisors and educators also favor this trend.
Five Things to Look For in an Online School
Online colleges are gaining in popularity as more students find they don’t have the time to complete degrees at traditional universities. There are several benefits to getting your degree online. You can take classes on your own time, making it possible to fit school into a busy work schedule. You can also complete a degree even if you live in an area with no universities. This flexibility makes it possible for many people to attend college online who could otherwise never get a degree.
College Humor Video
College Humor Video
Study Tips for Online Classes
Students attending online classes enjoy greater flexibility than their traditional counterparts, but without a solid game plan, that flexibility could turn into procrastination and last-minute study sessions. To get the most out of your experience, follow these study tips for online classes.
Are Online Colleges Accredited?
Online colleges have become a popular alternative to on-campus programs, especially for those who are working and cannot attend college full-time. Many online colleges offer all of their classes online, so students can work on earning a college degree at their own pace and from the comfort of their own home.
Where to get Information about Universities and Online Colleges
If you are planning to start studying for a degree (whether online or on campus), it is often hard to know where to start looking for reliable information. So where do you start looking? There is no point starting to look at specific university websites as you will have no comparison. Instead there are several useful websites which offer a comparison of the best universities. The online university rankings not only have prestige value, they can also provide you with vital information and help you narrow down your list of options.
The best College Party EVER!
The best College Party EVER!
What is Distance Learning?
“Distance learning” — also called “e-learning” — is a catch-all designation for any kind of educational relationship carried out remotely through electronic communication. Although distance learning programs aren’t available from all traditional schools (yet), there are many accredited colleges that do award degrees for online study. Some schools, like University of Phoenix, have physical campuses and an extensive distance education presence; other schools operate exclusively in cyberspace.
The Secret to Finishing Your Degree Quickly
Ranking lists of the best universities are published annually by several websites. The ranking lists are according to various categories including best online university.
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